For years I have always felt a certain way after returning home from traveling. A depression, if you will.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE home. I love everything about home. My husband, my dog, friends, my bed, shower, work, steady internet, the ability to call my mom, and so on. Usually at the end of my trips I am exhausted and craving home – but 12 hours later I grow sad and start planning my next adventure.

I used to think something was wrong with me until I discovered I have an incurable wanderlust. I am fiercely passionate about seeing and experiencing everything the world has to offer. When a trip comes to an end, I feel a little bit of sadness that the constant stream of excitement has also ended. I come home to a place that is familiar.

Here is how I deal with post travel depression:

  1. I immediately start working on my next trip. Nothing gets me more excited than to start planning and researching what part of the world I will conquer next. I am more actively engaged in Twitter travel chats, I read more blogs and articles, I start using Pinterest like crazy, and I look through hashtags on Instagram for places I would like to go.
  2. Girls LOVE Travel. My new obsession! This amazing Facebook group is all women who love travel. There are so many posts everyday of women going on adventures, looking for advice, sharing stories, and coming together around the globe. You just can’t feel sad in this group. It’s not possible. There’s enough inspiration for all of us in there.
  3. Staycations. As much as I love international travel, I want to start doing more staycations and it is something I will be doing a lot this summer. Everyone’s dying to get to the best beaches in the Caribbean, to snorkel great areas in the sea, to see monkeys in Bali, and to just get away from America. There’s so many great places within a few hours of our own homes that we probably haven’t spent any or enough time at. This is growing increasingly more popular for me.
  4. I blog about my travels. Blogging has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I love sharing my tips for traveling and digital storytelling. I am definitely no expert or professional but I love doing it.
  5. Go on adventures in your own city! I live in the Washington, D.C. area and have access to D.C., Maryland, and my home – Virginia. I couldn’t even cover all these places in a year! My plan this year is to make it to at least 25% of the Virginia wineries. There is over 250 wineries and they are in different regions of the state. I expect I will gain some knowledge from tasting all this wine.

If anyone tells you that post travel depression isn’t a thing, send them my way. It absolutely is. Those of us with incurable wanderlust are a special breed, and we get it.


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  1. oh, it definitely is and in my experience, the longer you are on holiday, you become more a part of the new culture – making friends – maybe working alongside. boy, coming back home is really tough. Keep blogging, i certainly enjoy reading about travel and experiences on such.

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