A Dessert Lover'sI have a mouth full of sweet teeth – and I say it this way because it is not just a sweet tooth. Healthy or not, I love sweet food.

On my recent trip to New York I was out to find the best sweets and here are my top picks:

The elusive rainbow bagel from the Bagel Store.


The bagel itself is not sweet but the cream cheese you select makes all the difference. I went for the funfetti cream cheese because I am naturally drawn to color and who doesn’t love funfetti? The bagel was less savory and more sweet by this selection and I loved it. The colors gave me that reminiscing feeling of being 12 and collecting Lisa Frank stationary.

Tip: These bagels sell out fast and are limited each day. I went into Brooklyn around 6:00am and they weren’t ready until about 7:30am.

Ice Cream. 10 Below IS the best ice cream I have ever had ~


I waited in line almost 2 hours for this Thai inspired ice cream and it was worth every minute. I ended up going with S’mores Galore because I love s’mores! You can watch them make your ice cream behind the counter as they pour the ingredients onto a round cold plate that reaches -10 degrees. All fresh ingredients are used and prepared right before your eyes!

Tip: The line is usually long, so if it is cold outside come prepared to wait.

Donuts. I couldn’t come to New York without trying donuts. Doughnut Plant is the place for the foodie.


There are a lot of options, so narrowing it down may become a challenge. I opted for a larger donut and a smaller one. I went with peanut butter and banana cream and a creme brulee. Both of them were so soft and perfection! Also – look at that cappuccino – how beautiful and delicious!


If you find yourself in New York with a sweet tooth – I hope you try one or all of these places. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I need to try those! Next time, you will have to try the cronut. You can order online in advance and save yourself the wait in line.


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