Tips for Visiting

Blue Lagoon has been gracing my bucket list for quite some time. I think about 10 years ago I was reading about it and I instantly felt the need to be there. So here I am in Iceland … and I just completed some major bucket list items!!

The Blue Lagoon is actually quite beautiful. Since the sun doesn’t rise right now until around 10:00am, I was able to be in the lagoon to watch such magic happen. I also enjoyed a local beer for breakfast. šŸ™‚ I probably would not of had a beer at home when I woke up, but when in Iceland …


Here are my tips for visiting:

  1. You need to purchase a ticket before you get there. At a minimum, I would purchase a ‘Comfort Ticket.’ This will come with a towel, drink, mud masks, and your entrance to the Blue Lagoon. I wish I had purchased a higher package and got the robe. It was a chilly walk out there and when getting out. You could always bring your own towel and robe if you like, it’s just more to pack.
  2. It is a little pricey. So plan to stay for a few hours to make it worth your time.
  3. The water will make your hair rock hard and gross. They will tell you to apply conditioner to your hair before getting in to help prevent it. My hair is still crunchy on the ends after 2 washes. Keep that in mind if you want to go under the water.
  4. Prescription glasses: do not get them wet. The water will discolor the frames if they are plastic.
  5. Relax. Take it all in. Put on the face mask … everyone is doing it, even the guys.
  6. Enjoy a drink or two. You are most likely on vacation – no one will judge you. They will insist!




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      1. Wow. Just, wow. I hadn’t ever considered Iceland in all my daydreams of places I want to visit one day, but I think I definitely need to reconsider it’s place on my ‘Top 5 Travel Destinations’!

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