It was a much needed girls weekend plus Bill to the beach. Luckily, our co-worker (well no longer mine because I left) Donna lent us her wonderful condo. It was one block from the beach and had a great pool that we utilized.

It was nice to lay out the first day and go swimming. Emily and I even got a nap (those things adults never get and refused as a child). I was able to read some of my book and just relax. We ate at this sub shop that was recommended on yelp – it was everything and more. DeVito’s Deli is a must do in Ocean City.


Liz, Val and Bill arrived Friday night. Bill who is the absolute best made homemade pizza crust and when he arrived made us a ton of pizzas. We drank and then took an Uber down to the Boardwalk. Everything was closing around the time we got there but the weather was amazing and we were able to walk around for awhile. The smell of fries, caramel corn and whiskey were enough to draw anyone in.


On Saturday we got up and went to the beach. I believe it was about 78-80 degrees outside. It wasn’t overbearing and felt amazing. The water had a high tide so I didn’t bother to get in but Liz, Val and Bill jumped down and survived to tell about it. Val and I attempted to build a sandcastle and we basically get an A for effort. Bill was so close to digging all the way down to China. Maybe next time.

IMG_5375 IMG_5401IMG_5370IMG_5381IMG_5388

Bill had to leave us for New York so we decided to clean up and drive over to Bethany Beach in Delaware. Let me just say that this town was so cute! It’s not nearly as big as the Ocean City Boardwalk but it was enough for us. We shopped around, ate frozen custard and saw the sunset.


IMG_5446 IMG_5445

After we left we were on a mission to get crabs and beer! We were told the best place was Crab Bag. We ended up getting so much food – I thought fr sure the National Guard was going to have to pick us up and take us back, but we made it! We were there for awhile because smashing crabs takes forever, but well worth it.


We woke up this morning and had to come back to the Northern Virginia region. It was a fun little road trip. Most of us were/are scared of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.. but actually I think we are all over it now. Beautiful to see over it.


Overall it was a successful MUCH needed little weekend away with people I don’t get to see very often. Hopefully we can do something soon. πŸ™‚

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